Peer learning

The September 2015 Peer Learning event at CWD in Green Point was a success.
See below for feedback on the event.

Upcoming Events

ABCD Learning Festival 2015
Hosted by the Ikhala Trust
At the Willows Holiday Resort in Port Elizabeth 
From 16 to 19 November 2015

"Since time immemorial people have learned from
each other, informally sharing stories and wisdom,
trading innovations and recipes, teaching each
other techniques and technologies, neighbour to
neighbour, farmer to farmer, parent to child. This
kind of horizontal learning has always been a
powerful motor of social change.
One of the most important discoveries is that
if we want to work together, to collaborate,
we should begin this by learning together,
horizontally. Horizontal learning builds trust, helps
people to learn each other’s way of seeing the
world and helps everyone to see what contribution
they can bring. By so doing this can lay strong
foundations for working together."
- From The Barefoot Guide 4 - see

As a community of practice SACGLF members understand the importance of peer or horizontal learning.
We reflect, pause, think about what we are seeing, hearing, feeling and doing within our work as community
grantmakers. We ask questions... what can we learn? what assumptions are we making? what change are we supporting?
Learning together as peers, in a space of equality is a powerful tool.
Our next peer learning event is a vehicle for learning that can support social change.

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